What does culture really mean? How do small businesses build culture? And how does paying attention to company culture benefit investors?

This month, we turn our focus to the importance of organizational culture — the shared story people tell each other at work. While some founders are very intentional about creating a particular type of culture, others don’t even think about it. Either way, that organizational “feel” cannot be denied. Investors can encourage a more deliberate, proactive approach to organizational culture in their own due diligence processes and conversations while also benefitting from valuing it in their due diligence efforts. Members, be sure to join us on our next Virtual Member Meeting on April 17 (link in monthly newsletter) to hear entrepreneur and investor perspectives on critical elements of creating a strong culture, including dynamic and engaged leadership; living one’s values; responsibility and accountability, and celebrating success and failures.

We have highlighted discrete elements of human capital from the entrepreneur and investor perspectives over the past year. We identified research that reinforces a focus on people as an asset ultimately leads to a more successful venture and better returns, organized a session at SOCAP entitled Good Jobs ARE Good Investments, and highlighted leadership. We are excited to dive deeper into these elements and more by offering workshops and curricula for SVC’s expanded community. One of the new offerings launching in 2018 is a Human Capital workshop for both our investor members as well as early-stage entrepreneurs. We will begin to roll out these workshops at local networks and will also offer a special session at our November conference.

Lastly, if you are a business leader or investor and would like to contribute to these workshops or are interested in a sneak preview, feel free to reach out to Renata.

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