Shaula Massena has over ten years of experience advising and directing early stage impact businesses in strategic finance and operations. Her NWSRI fund has invested in more than 30 impact companies across a mixture of debt and equity.  From 1999 to 2014 Shaula lead the Massena Foundation, a family foundation focused on social justice that moved towards economic development. She designed and implemented both a grant and impact investment strategy that included Program Related Investment and mission related investment. She has served on the boards of Ventures and Central Coop as part of her focus on local impact.  Shaula is a founding and continuing member of the Seattle Impact Investors Group.
Shaula received her Sustainable MBA in 2008 from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, now part of Presidio Graduate School.  Back when all your base are belong to us, she was a software engineer, and has a BS & MS in Computer Science.

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