Maren Keeley is Co-founder of Conscious Company Media though she doesn’t come from the media world. Maren’s experience spans multiple industries and locations with systems thinking, creativity, design strategy, hard work, and grit being at the core of her work history.  She started cooking professionally when she was only fourteen and was a chef for nearly 15 years, cooking in high-end restaurants, running her own catering business, and then managing large teams at two of Whole Foods Market’s flagship locations.

Maren attended Bard College for her undergraduate education and earned a dual major in sculpture and philosophy of aesthetics. Maren continued to cook professionally, she became a certified nutrition advisor, taught yoga, and researched food systems. Work and life took her from the Hudson Valley to Nantucket to Europe, eventually back to Chicago – her hometown, then to Boulder. Her desire to make a positive impact and address the many complex challenges we’re facing led her to study sustainable business at Pinchot University where she earned her MBA. Maren met Meghan French Dunbar while working for Woody Tasch at Slow Money. About one year later, in April 2014, inspired by the potential to change the world through business, they decided to start Conscious Company Media together.

Maren focused on strategy, finance, and operations while building CCM for 3.5 years. The company was sold to The SOCAP Group in December 2017 – a move that will brighten CCM’s future and allow for even greater impact and reach. Knowing that CCM had a found a good home, Maren decided to honor her creative, entrepreneurial spirit and focus her efforts on a new mission-driven enterprise which hopes to reinvent the way that individuals find meaningful work and the way that companies find talent.

Today Maren calls the Pacific Northwest home. While she is not working with Conscious Company any longer, she is taking on contract and consulting work, and building her next startup! When she’s not working, you’ll find Maren enjoying time with her loved ones, hiking with her dogs, woodworking, listening to many podcasts, running, and practicing yoga. In addition, Maren has the pleasure of serving on the board of directors for three non-profit organizations: Social Venture Network, Invest Attention Media & Entertainment, and the Pinchot Alumni Association.

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