NEW YORK, December, 2018 —

Featuring Tuntiak Katan & Atossa Soltani.

The Sacred Headwaters region of Ecuador and Peru is composed of the ancestral territories of 21 indigenous nations, adjoined by a number of protected areas, together forming a vast contiguous mosaic of 60 million acres containing the most biologically diverse terrestrial ecosystem on Earth. These rainforests are critical carbon sinks and help to stabilize our global climate and rainfall and yet, they are facing a chronic and ever increasing risk from extractive industries.

The Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative is building a shared vision among indigenous peoples, NGOs, the philanthropic community, social entrepreneurs and governments towards establishing a bi-national protected region – off-limits to industrial scale resource extraction, and governed in accordance with traditional indigenous principles of cooperation and harmony.

The Initiative is led by Amazonian indigenous federations CONFENIAE (Ecuador) and AIDESEP (Peru) in partnership with Pachamama Alliance, Amazon Watch, and Fundación Pachamama and aims to advance bioregional and indigenous-led governance and stewardship of this vast region.

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