Jim Schorr was a servant of humanity. Jim was about you- how he could help you and your organization be a more effective, integral part of a movement to benefit all humanity—how together we could engage in creating a world of more social, economic and environmental justice. Jim was a warrior for that justice.

As the faculty founder of Net Impact, an organization birthed out of SVN, I met Jim at our first gathering in D.C. He was an MBA student from Northwestern, I a professor from HBS. Throughout the 1990s until recent years, we reversed roles as student supported professor. In the early years, he ordered my new books in bulk to spread around via Juma Ventures. In the 2000s, he helped Net Impact navigate the considerable hurdles the organization faced. And as I aged and after 22 years no longer attended the annual conference, who but Jim made sure I received a conference video from him and other key Net Impact people, telling me how much my presence was missed. Jim made you feel special and important.

In the end, I owe Jim a great debt of gratitude. I honor Jim Schorr for making my dream of the 1980s come true through his decades of selfless work helping to sustain and build Net Impact—all as a volunteer.

His efforts for justice never wavered. Jim dedicated his life to uplift the human spirit and alleviate poverty and suffering on our planet. Jim Schorr was a blessing to humanity.

 – Dr. Mark S. Albion, Faculty Founder, Net Impact

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