We’re both interested in the global health sector. Now what?

Beyond the complexities of finding and assessing global health enterprises, Social Venture Circle ’s Global Health Advisory Board (GHAB) identified difficulties in building relationships with the right co-investors as a significant challenge to bringing more capital into the sector. Today we release the second GHAB resource, a Co-Investor Alignment Assessment (learn more about the GHAB and our SEAD work here). This tool began as a way to categorize investors, cataloging global health subsector interests and building a rolodex to reference when reviewing deals. It quickly became something more – a reminder of the importance of a deep understanding of ourselves and others in the collaboration process. It turns out that it’s not enough just to share an interest in global health.

Throughout the development process for this guide, we learned that:

  • Collaboration with others starts with a clear articulation of our own goals, interests, and motivations. The resource begins with a self-assessment to help investors understand their specific perspectives on global health investing so that more accurate assessments of and comparisons to others can be made.
  • True alignment shares both a belief in opportunity and a recognition of early-stage investment risk and management realities. The tool builds on Social Venture global health interests to address different capital provider’s perceptions of risks and strategies for risk mitigation, constraints on the decision-making and investment processes, and the human element of investment work styles.
  • Experience is the best evaluation. The resource’s sample investment scenarios allow investors to role play the investment process, test reactions, and use those responses to better understand themselves and others.

This guide explores the goals, motivations, and constraints of investors focused on global health investments, but its applicability goes beyond the global health sector. Download the global health Co-Investor Alignment Assessment here and the general impact investing Co-Investor Alignment Assessment here. Test these tools while you interact with other investors. What did you learn about yourself and others? How do you each respond to the scenarios posed? Where are you aligned and where did you find differences?

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