Xav Dubois is the Founder and CEO of evox, a lifestyle media network that is dedicated to improving the well-being of people so that we can all be better, kinder, and more compassionate towards our world, and to one another. Going beyond entertainment, evox believes in using data for good, applying AI driven Neuroscience,Biometrics, Psychophysiology, gamification, and conventional research methodologies to benefit society. The data evox uses analyzes how content is influencing viewers, thus giving concrete information that helps the evox team design media that is truly meaningful and influential. By pairing information with intention, evox offers viewers inspiration to take action in creating thriving, healthy, and positive lifestyles. 

evox is also the recipent of B Lab’s Best of the World Awards for the following categories: 2019 Best For The World as a Changemaker and 2019 Best For the World for Governance. 

Read on to learn how you can best experience the award-winning evox platform straight from the palm of your hand: 

Tell me about evox, and your company’s mission. How does it differ from other content platforms out there?

evox was created in 2011. We knew there was a phenomenon in using media and commerce together to help shift consumers’ access and beliefs. I come from big media companies such as FX TV, Paramount, etc. But at the same time, I also worked with Amnesty International in my younger days. I could see that media was molding people’s minds in a particular way. But what was the point of entertainment? What was the agenda behind media?

evox set out to design entertainment that not only inspired and entertain people, but also got to the heart of their well-being. We wanted to create a platform that would transform how they thought about themselves and their lives. After doing work in human rights, I think the challenge is: the people who want to make difference in the world deal with external issues like water, climate, change, HIV/Aids.

But for us at evox, those issues are secondary- they are the outcome of not yet having dealt with emotional and personal issues that are the core of our humanity. If you look inside the cultures of people, there’s a lot of suffering in individual lives. It’s like going to work wounded, and then trying to go out and solve for problems. But how can you stand for humanity if you yourself is feeling full of sorrow?

To us, we aspire to inspire transformation with freedom, self-determination, and environment that honors each individual’s expression. A lot of organizations don’t focus on their internal culture. But if we don’t get authentic about what is really happening in our lives in a judgement-free environment, we won’t be successful in our missions.

So we are out to create a joyful, spiritual world through memorable, supportive content. We work with media creators and neuroscientists to measure the way people are reacting to our content, and to understand how people are influenced (in a positive way)to take action by the media we create.

Tell us about the evox trifecta of Media, Commerce, and Community.

Commerce is a good way to make a difference in the world. If we can elevate the companies who have a mission and a vision for how they treat planet and the people, then we want people to buy from them specifically. We want to help them have a chance to change how business gets done. Americans are about convenience- it’s about making it easy for them to find these products. If we can’t get the consumers to do the research, then we’re in trouble. However, if you have a platform that does it for them, it makes it easier. Today, we sell over 50K different products.

You have something exciting launching in India. Can you tell us about it?

We are launching our new evoxIndia Operations Center. One of the accountabilities of the evoxIndia Team is to ensure that the vendors we are working with are educated on sustainable business opportunities and practices.  As we onboard new vendors and continue work with existing vendors, we schedule conversations with their purchasing teams (or relevant members of their company) and share with them about other companies who are making changes in supply chain, information about positive ROI as a result of making these changes, we share the BLabs Assessment Tool, etc. Of primary interest to us in working with these suppliers is introducing them to a community that is focused on products and services that benefit humanity and to do what we can to support them along the path of expanding in a way that honors their employees, the companies they source from and the people who buy their products.  This is one of the best parts of our work.  Some of our vendors are so enthusiastic and on-board and aligned or preparing for alignment while others need a little more time to think about these concepts and get beyond thinking from a profit-only paradigm.

For those who haven’t visited evox before, can you describe the ideal evox experience? Ideally, should they log on by phone, web, or something else?

We spent a lot of effort on our evox.life App, and we recommend experiencing evox that way! The app has some really unique features. If you log onto our platform, it gives you an opportunity to acknowledge your “Daily Actions” (ie. practiced forgiveness, created prosperity, made a difference, honored my values, touched nature, etc.)

Through the app, I would first recommend watching the 6-minute newscast. I believe we should only listen to the news for 6 minutes a day, then get on with our day so we can bring the attention back to our own lives, and focus on what we need to work on.

evox customizes content based on the interests of each viewer, so I invite first timers to go onto our different channels touching on topics such as prosperity, lifestyle, evolution, etc. Our content and topics are designed to help viewers think about their lives differently so they can take different, uplifting actions. For example, we redefine prosperity to mean abundant in value and meaning, rather than it being connected to money.

We also have training seminars built in, so evox is also a learning tool that teaches topics such as conscious parenting and more.

What feature on your platform is unique to evox?

We have a unique measurement tool that combines media, artificial intelligence, and data. Firstly, we don’t sell data, but rather, we use it to analyze how our content can be most useful for the world.

We are currently running an experiment to be able to measure what’s happening to our viewers when they watch our content (via biometric devices/testing) so we can see what kind of content actually brings peace of mind to people. Our measurement tools give us the ability to measure how the content is affecting audiences- so that we can design around what serves people the most.

Who is evox for?

evox is for every good person that needs to acknowledge and celebrate all the things they’ve already done.

I will say, we’ve never been preaching to the choir. We aim to inspire someone like a single mom who buys happy meals for her kids every day because it’s the most economical solution. How can we get her interested and elevated? We make it a point to write content that gives people a sense of reflection, without being preachy or heavy.

But we also know that we need to set the bar- you can’t be onstage to preach about a message, and not have your personal life be in alignment with that message.

evox’s goal is to reach all consumers out there. Let’s get them to reflect and reframe their lives, so we can create a better world.

What inspires you about being a part of SVC?

Seven years ago (when SVC was SVN), I found a tribe that resonated with me. I was looking for a community that understood what we were trying to accomplish in our business, and I found that here.

Doing what we do (as social entrepreneurs), sometimes you can feel very alone. The world doesn’t always congratulate you for doing all the good you do. That can feel challenging. When you have SVC, (ie. A peer group, attending the conference) it feels sacred. I feel like I can communicate anything. That reminds me that the work I’m doing matters. It gives me strength to continue dealing with the challenges it takes to create a business.

At SVC, you matter, and your mission matters. Your vision is cherished. Hearing pain points from others, can help you see that you’re not the only one- sparks creativity to ask new questions that will get you past a hurdle.

Watch evox here and download the app by searching “evox.life”

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